Sorting Priorities is not like sorting socks

As I figure out what is important to do, the categories shift.  It’s not like throwing the clothes in the pile of which closet they belong in (that’s why 5 people means 3 piles when I sort clothes.)  As I go, things become more or less urgent, and they remind me of other things.  It makes me want to say psychotic things in a Gollum/Smeagle dialogue.

I had a nightmare this morning that we had bought a house only to discover that it had to be torn down because of an industrial chemical leak, and we could never sell it.

No wonder sorting out the last few details of co-op, Lego club, travel, company coming and the knitting business seems … like it ought to be someone else’ responsibility today?  Well, I volunteered, so I own the list.  It just looks like a long list without enough obvious verbs.  And it’s likely to turn hydra on me and grow heads as soon as I cross off items.

But Blogging is important, Precious, it make us feel smarter…yes, yesss Precious, we’ll do that first.

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