I Can’t Blog When I have Secrets

Last week Dan was in North Carolina testing parts for several companies.  His favorite part of the trip was as toss up between the stuffed brook trout at the Peak City Grill in Apex. and the friendly people he worked with.   Since my whole context for daily life was how amazed I was that I kept going on my own, but that the dishes didn’t magically wash themselves over night; I couldn’t blog.

In the mean time, I posted Tin of Tans for sale, we had our first day of co-op (things were stressful, I got cross and yelled, apologizes in process) the kids came down with colds on top of M’s strep throat, and we sent B into Boston solo to go to his Spanish tutor Cousin Karen, hopefully without sending the cold or strep with him for her two little kids.

Today we did not go to NY to visit Dan’s brother, sister-in-law and parents, because of lingering fever and hacking coughs.   I was working on lame, “Well if you get your work done this week, you can take off another week, anyway there is nothing I can do about it.” speeches, when Dan suggested that Ben take  the train up to the New England Aquarium (Ben’s all time favorite spot) and M and K drink lemonade, watch silly movies, and try out M’s new cotton candy maker, with extra naps.  It wasn’t hard at all to find the train schedule, or pack B a lunch.  He had plenty of allowance saved, though I will pay him back, it was just cash without having to go to the bank. The library even had a save $13 off aquarium entrance pass for today.

I would never have thought of this plan.

O Dan, I’m so glad you are home from North Carolina.

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