{p,f,h,r} Another Use for packing Tape

round button chicken

M got his top braces off Tuesday.

M's top teeth are visible now that the top braces are off

The movie in the waiting room was boring, so K and I read a Family Fun Magazine from last Summer, where we found an idea for making a bracelet out of sticky side out packing tape to stick pretty leaves, berries,cones and such to.  I thought it could get me doing nature study (on some level) like the nature table and preserved leaves did for Annie.

to mile river, Attleboro

The Attleboro Land Trust Larson Purchase on Mechanics Pond was a good destination (See my new header image?)

K showing her packing tape bracelet

I was happy that K did indeed find lots of bits to look at.

Closeup of my leaf bracelet

So did I.

Close up of K's leaf bracelet

 Funny: M did not want to make a bracelet himself, but he did find lots of things to go on mine.

K on the path wearing her wings

Including a bit of eggshell that did not stick to my bracelet very well.

Falls on the 10 mile river near Mechanic's Pond

It could have been a duck egg, it was pale orange, waxy, and slightly irregular.

Fall color reflected in Mechanic's Pond

But it also could have been a turtle egg shell, because I know the snapping turtles nested  on that pond side.

The nature bracelets on backlit on the widowsill

The bracelets look pretty on the window sill.  Real: K fell into the pond.


4 thoughts on “{p,f,h,r} Another Use for packing Tape

  1. I love this idea, great for fall, we might get outside and try it.
    I always have one that ends up getting soaked. I hope it wasn’t too far to get home for K.

    • It’s only 7 blocks from our apartment, we stopped in at my husband’s lab (in the building that used to be powered by the water power of Mechanic’s Pond) and then walked home. Grabbing chocolate from the accountant’s office candy stash first of course.

    • They were in a handmedown box, and they are warm, so she wears them whenever it is chilly. I think she’s only got one more season before they get too small.