Station Keeping

My Grandpa Williams served in the North Atlantic in WWII on the USS Williamsburg escorting the convoys to Great Britain.  When my Dad started teaching me to drive, he said that highway driving was like station keeping in the convoys, you wanted to maintain the relative formation of vehicles, not so much worry about your absolute velocity.

Our homeschool is a bit buffeted lately: colds, the time change, new glasses, tired from last night’s play.  But we’re progressing.  Despite the fact that when everyones throat is sore, it’s hard to read alouds or narrations, or any of the usual dysgraphia accommodations we do, and we keep sleeping in.

Both boys were great in their plays last night.  M bounced and capered as Rumplestiltskin, and B was funny and conniving as Tom Sawyer.  M said he had so much fun he didn’t want the evening to end – and the end was eating the display of cakes the cake decorating class had made.  Jon’s chocolate cupcakes had the most delicious mocha frosting too.

I’d show you how cute the guys looked in costume; but I forgot my camera.

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