Sorta overwhelmed but hanging on

Some of the more interesting things going on around here I can’t tell you about right now.  Co-op business is confidential, and I’m working on a secret knitting project.

Most of the family has emerged from the cold of last week – though everyone’s throat is still sore and we are still running out of tissues.  M and K’s homeschool/bedtime routines are abbreviated, I just don’t have the voice for prolonged read alouds.

We are up to the chapter of two bears in Little House in the Big Woods though.  Between sympathizing with Laura’s wiggles and the charm of Garth Williams’ illustrations, K may have found her new literary model.  Currently she emulates Fancy Nancy.  I’ve taught her the word elegant, because there are more beauties in the world than fru fru, and I can’t deliver on her fru fru expectations.

So, today we clean house for B’s birthday dinner (though we may be eating it tomorrow, I’m not sure when the extended family can come.  The guys discussed it with them at prayer meeting last night, but our telepathy is out of whack, and I’m not sure what the outcome of the discussion was.)  Tomorrow is the last co-op, B has several band performances this week (that I didn’t know about until Monday) and an audition on Saturday, and I get to prepare for my first ever colonoscopy next Tuesday. Then I bake pies for Thanksgiving.

M is catching hold of phonics.  Fluent reading is surely coming soon.  It’s like a holding sneeze.

So, I guess I did have stuff I could blog about, besides feeling like a muppet running towards the camera waving my arms and yelling.

One thought on “Sorta overwhelmed but hanging on

  1. At least you have telepathy. Sam and I keep waiting to develop it, though many of our conversations end with, “What, you STILL can’t read my mind?”
    Hope you all start feeling better soon!