Adapting a worksheet and K starts pre-Miquon

M with his adusted worksheets

I’m giving M more independent work so I can pay attention to K first thing in the homeschool.  I’m more interested in K knowing that she’s important and part of things than in her recognizing printed letters or numbers; but we’ve finished the magnet set I’ve introduced math to all three kids with.  I started M with a few Miquon worksheets, and things were going smoothly – until his left hand covered up the duck he was supposed to be gridding up and I heard one of those snorts that mean pencils might fly any moment.

worksheet formated for right handed children

So I took the paper over to the computer, found which page it was in the pdf, opened that page in the GIMP, selected all, then did Image transform flip horizontal, then I printed it again.

worksheet flipped for M

The instructions were backwards of course (mirror writing I think) but no more howls from M.  And once he’d finished his adapted duck, he went back and did his irritating duck.

K organized the Cuisenart rods by color

and once K had ALL the rods sorted (she notices color more than shape, but I’d started the sort so it is in length order as well.) she started on rod puzzles from the Cuisenaire Discovery Book.  And she did notice some relationships between the rods.

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