Thanksgiving Visit to NY

Once I was declared well, we packed our bags for NY to visit Mommom and Daddad without sharing the stomach bug.

Games were played by the fire

K and I playing war

Settler's of Cattan

and in the dining room.

Pizza was made and eaten

pizza fixings laid out

pizzas ready to bake

We walked from Rockland Lake towards the path on Hook Mountain,


K infront of the cliff face

K was impresed with the hill

M obliged me with an impressed look

I asked the kids if they were impressed with the height, and they obliged me with poses.

One of the many trees down from Sandy

We couldn’t walk far on the trail by the Hudson though, the debree from Sandy closed the trail (or it closed anyhow this time of year.)

We ate doughnuts at Gypsy in Nyack, and browsed in the Pickwick bookstore, where the owner remembered my father.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Visit to NY

  1. I don’t usually go over the bridge, but that bookstore has piqued my interest.
    That storm damage was something else. Our usual park lost a couple hundred trees, with red oaks seeming to suffer the most because of their shallow root systems. I learned that from our recent nature classes at the park.

    Peace and Laughter!