Why did I buy him that logic book again?

Today was part one of I drive the kids shopping for their Christmas presents for one another, relatives and me while trying to keep the presents secret in their translucent bags and playing dumb in case I see what they bought me.  Tomorrow we hit the quilt shop and scrapbooking store.  Much more interesting.

I stopped in La Panera for snack, M got a soup bowl instead of a pastry, he loves savery things.

I decided to put the Christmas Star CD in.  Ben remarked that the music felt lame without actual snow.  I turned off the cd and said, “no, if it was lame, it would sound like this,” and began singing, “La-st Christmas, I gave  you my-y heart, the very next day, you gave it a-way-ay.” He replied that that was either a false choice or a loaded question.

I sighed, “Why did I make you study logic?”

Ben replied, “It was recommended to  you.  Mom, if Susan Wise Bauer told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?”

I’ve got to stop asking rhetorical questions.

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