Tomorrow is the Christmas Crafting Fair.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Crafting Fair.

I’ve laid out my stuff.  This year I won’t have to stop by my friend’s house in hopes of borrowing a glue gun on my way out the door.

My kids have laid out their clothes we shouldn’t be late.

Now if I remember to eat lots of protein at breakfast, to stand up straight at the table, not lean over to demonstrate to the children what to do, and refuse to get spazzed out, it should be a lovely day.

Whatever else, there will be cookies.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Christmas Crafting Fair.

  1. Cookies makes it all better. :-)

    Speaking of crafting, Marina said she would be happy to test the pattern as long as you don’t need it done before Christmas. I don’t know exactly what this involves. Send me an email and I can give you her email.

    Peace and Laughter!