K’s intuition

K has just started being the kid in charge of taking out the recycling. The recycling barrels are taller than she is, so I help her.  She’s proud.

K taking out the recycling

Last week I was coaxing M’s friend to try pomegranate seeds (probably because I didn’t want to have to get out any other snack materials) when I mentioned that antioxidants can help reduce cancer risk.  K’s face lit up, and she offered me her bit of pomegranate, saying “Momma, we could just give this to Aunt B, and she would be well!”

And my heart sank as I realized that all those answer-the-death-and-dying-questions-as-they-came-ups had added up and K knew pretty much what was going on, even though Aunt B’s  talk at church explaining the turn “her cancer journey,” had taken was going to be in a few days; I had to explain a bit to K now.

She took it well.

Last night when I was going to run an errand over to Mom’s house, K remarked, “I will stay home Momma, I have a fever, and I don’t want Aunt B to get my cold.”

On Tuesday before we left for K’s annual check up, I gave her pain reliever, so it would already be in her system for the shots, then I took a deep breath to tell K that there would be shots.  She looked me in the eye before I could say it, and said, “Momma, will there be shots?” I nodded.  She seemed about to cry, but then she put her finger in the air, said, “I have an idea,” and ran to her bedroom.  When she returned, she had purple bunny under her arm.  “I will hug purple bunny when I’m scared, so I don’t yell.”

Purple bunny got examined before K did, so there were no surprises, and only a tiny bit of crying.

Well, a tiny bit…for K.


One thought on “K’s intuition

  1. I’m sorry about Aunt B. It’s so hard to explain things like cancer to children. Love the doctor story. My youngest is ten and still has a terrible fear of injections. This was the first year she didn’t completely lose it when she had a shot. Progress is slow, but at least it’s there!

    Peace and Laughter.