Birthday World

Oh I’m over my head.  K is my most outgoing extroverted child.  She had such a delightful time at her friend’s party, I thought, why not?  It’s been 3 years since we’ve thrown a birthday party for anyone, K has never had a party with friends, lets do it!

Christine Guest grinning with her nose wrinkled like a tigerUm.  I can organize lots of things, but this one involves a clean house? I’ve also thrown a bit of an anti-clutter tantrum: I asked the other families to please give books if they must give presents at all.  And I’m not giving out goodie bags beyond the craft the kids make out of die cut hearts.   Because a lot of the reason it’s so hard to clean up around here is little plastic toys I hurt my feet on. Those Little Cheap things that break easily and can’t be mended even with hot glue, and the pieces can’t be vacuumed up?  Oh lets be kind to each other and just not buy them for VBS treats or party treats or add them to the hamburger boxes…

Meanwhile, my Mom reminded me that it’s been three weeks of treating M’s allergies with no change, and that 9 year old boys should not be happy to take a nap.  So we took him to the pediatrician’s again, and they are treating him for a sinus infection (all the symptoms except a fever) and checking for Lyme disease and anemia.  Thanks Mom, I needed the back up.  Lyme disease?  Yikes!

And I’m adding details to the co-op data base.  Part of me wants to re-write the whole thing now that I know a smattering of php and part of me is just thankful that it works- even if the data entry part is no fun and the flow needs tweaking.  But I’ll need a whole lot more php and mysqul to do it properly and my programer is in college and unavailable – and I’d have to pay him a whole lot more than just web server space now!  So, data entry here I come.  I have until Tuesday to get all the data in, the then make the preliminary chore assignments before the board looks it over to look for problems in the plan.  Wow, I’m accountable to the board now!

Knit Edge Magazine came out with my skirt pattern in it!  It’s crammed with fun articles and patterns – I need to buy Danial’s new book on circular knitting, he includes the math – I’m sunk!  Must buy book…

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