Peaceful Sunday Afternoon at Grandma’s House

I got photos of everyone but my Mom that day!

K reading a magazine on Grandma's couch

B relaxing on the rocking chair at Grandma's house

M was bored

Dan washes the dishes every Sunday afternoon.  He says that way no one can say he put them in the wrong spots as might happen if he dried.  We’ve been joking about Dan putting dishes in the wrong spots since 1988.

The moment when Dan told a joke, and Uncle Paul appreciated it

Uncle Paul (Mom’s brother) has been staying at her house on and off this last year as Aunt Bev was getting cancer treatments nearby.  We’ve so enjoyed getting to see him more often, it looks like he’ll stay on to work on his thesis for the present.  Mom is really appreciating his company too – and his cooking!  There is a touch of Aunt Bev in the house now too, even though she has died, she thought of the perfect place for clever and elegant touches, a trash can here, an angle to a chair, a coat tree where our coats use to pile on the floor, and the needle work of 25 years finally matted and framed and hung up on the walls.   She used to smile at them from her favorite corner on the couch.

It’s also my favorite corner of the couch.

Christine Guest knitting a glove on her mom's couch

M got happier once the guys loaded up the cars and took him sledding.

M and K sledding

Paul’s grandkids call him Vovo (with the carrot on the last o)  He’s a lot of fun.  Dan calls him a 21st century Grandfather, though my Grandpa sledded with me too.

Uncle Paul; 21st century grandfather

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