Reading breakthrough

This morning as M was waiting for K to be done with her handwriting time, he read the instructions on his math sheet and did it without my assistance. Then when we were done with the assignments I’d laid out for him to do, he asked if he could read a book out loud, since he and Dan are going out to the movies and he won’t have time to read with Daddy before supper (they are eating hamburgers and onion rings before watching Oz the Great and Powerful).

He read the first 1/3 of “The Day Dinosaurs came with Everything” before the bs, ds, and ps started swapping places and the m’s and w’s did too. I was amazed he had no more problems with the fine print and the way the text played with the illustrations. Our copy is a mini one that came out of a Cheerios box.

Before I wrote this down to celebrate, I looked up the Lexile score for the Day Dinosaurs Came with Everything. It’s about 100 points higher than a book he read two weeks ago, which is 100 points higher than a book he read the week before that.


I hope the snow doesn’t stop the guy’s night out, or mess up Ben’s flute lesson – not that I’m thrilled to drive in foggy snow. The road outside my door looks relatively clean, but I’d rather stay home this afternoon.

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