Health Vocabulary

K sometimes asks me rapid fire questions to make sure of her words, once she’s satisfied, she starts telling me about how much she enjoyed Wreck-it-Ralph.

Tonight in my Mom’s kitchen as we grabbed snacks before evening church, K asked me what we call the holes in our  heads behind the holes in our nose.  I looked at where she was pointing and guessed, “Sinuses.”

She asked me why we have them.  My Mom muttered, “So we can suffer.” At least I think that’s what she was saying.  I answered, “Some people think we have them so the air warms before we breath it, or maybe to keep our heads from being too heavy.”

Mom said, “They do?  Who?”

I added, “Maybe they are a result of The Fall.”

But K was onto her next question, “And what do we call it when the poison drips down our necks?”

I sputtered, “Post Nasal Drip, but it only feels like poison.”  And then I started laughing so hard, my uncle teased Dan that he’d better get into position to catch me.

K meanwhile, was talking about the Ice Age Movies, I could barely breath, but I did think, what a nice change from Wreck-it-Ralph.


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