Daddy’s Sunday Walks with K {p,f,h,r}

round button chicken

K walking on a log away from the camera

Dan took K for a walk in Grandma’s woods on Sunday to see if the salamanders were up yet.

K walking towards the camera

I was glad we got a little more wear from her pretty pink dress, it used to be long on her.

K at the doughnut shop

I love looking at the photos from outings that I wasn’t on, in this funny case however, Daddy was really busted! I don’t blame him of course, it’s kind of hard to eat doughnuts in front of me now that I’ve been diagnosed with celiac.  And of course, the Daddy who takes his little girl out on Sunday leaves behind a Mommy who can nap.

two people nappingon the couch at Mom's HOuse

Though this Sunday, k curled up with me on the couch at my Mom’s house.

witch hazel

On another Sunday, we all went for a walk, and saw the witch hazel in bloom.  It was too far above our heads for us to smell unfortunately, they smell like hyacinth.

puffy omlet

I was happy with how this omelet turned out, Dan grabbed his phone for me, so we could record it before we devoured it.

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Sunday Walks with K {p,f,h,r}

  1. Visiting from PHFR…..
    That is wonderful that your husband takes time to spend with your little girl! Even if they do get donuts, I guess. ;)

    • You are absolutely right; doughnuts are a small price to pay for a Dad who loves spending time with his daughter!