Arnold Arboretum Yesterday

Yesterday was my endoscopy at Faulkner Hospital.  Dan took the kids across the street to play in the Arnold Arboretum while I was out of it.  I definitely have celiac disease, but my gut shows some signs of healing.  I wasn’t supposed to drive or make big decisions yesterday, so I decided not to try to continue editing my pattern which is so close to being finished that the tech editor is pointing out spacing issues and lost commas – it’s not usually my numbers that are suspect in my pattern prototypes, it’s the words.  It figures.

We’d checked how close we would be to the Boston Marathon route, it was only a few miles, but not enough to snarl us in traffic.  Everybody enjoyed the arboretum, K especially loved the climbing the hill and looking down on Boston.  She was given a free magnifying glass and a card to help her identify Asian Longhorned beetles.  When we arrived home, I slept off the sedative all afternoon.  We were surprised when my Mother-in-Law phoned to make sure we were fine, we hadn’t checked the news and didn’t about the explosions at the finish line.

Planting a devise designed to take out runners legs is like stepping on a butterfly on purpose, or shooting bbs at a stained glass window.  There is always sin loose in the world, there is plenty loose in me – but I want justice.  Maranatha.

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