A Work in Progress Shakespeare Seminar

This March, my friend Jenn Roca called on her contacts in the Massachusetts theatre community (specifically the Worcester Shakespeare Company) to put together a master class on staging Shakespeare through A Work In Progress.  If you are local to South Eastern Massachusetts, check them out!

Shakespear Master Class video

I knew we were in good hands when they passed out the handouts, just by which scene they had chosen to work with – the scene in Romeo and Juliet when the hotheads die;  occasionally the three actors shouted “Fight Scene!” and pounded each other.  Ben and M were interested anyhow, but way to make Shakespeare attractive to boys!  (The girls were also engaged, sorry to sound sexist here.  K was at home with Daddy that day.  I’m sure my sentiments will morph as she gets more and more into school things.)

It was a hands on class, volunteers got to act in the scene (after auditioning) others did makeup and costuming.  M stuck his hand up to direct.

And left his hand up to direct.

So they made him a stage manager.  Perhaps they didn’t know that young kids take you literally if you offer them a job?  But they did include him, and he did get to make suggestions about staging.




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