Bits and Bobs

I’m coordinating a Barry Stebbings Art Seminar for next week at my church. On the only day the contractor can install the new elevator.

The contractor is putting up a temporary wall so the young children stay out of the shaft.

Ben has an essay due this Friday – his desk looks fantastic. I never cleaned things when I was procrastinating about a writing project! Is this generational advancement?

I’m up to swimming 20 lengths these days. The regulars are teasing me that I need to swim longer now that I’ve passed the swim daily goal.

All of K’s plastic ponies have braided hair today. She made them a new barn out of cardboard, paper, glitter glue, and plastic lanyard.

I got to read the new CJ Cherryh Foreigner book – a fun page turner; xeno political wars at a prince’s sleepover with family china, in-law spats and ray guns. Dan and I had duelling book marks. I (of course) read the ending first.  It’s not exactly a series for teens and children, despite the presence of child characters.

I think I’ve planned out three lunches I can bring with me for the three days of the art seminar and the three days of the standardized testing the following week.  Figuring out gluten free picnic lunches panicked me for some reason, I’m so used to being home for lunch, with a kitchen available to me.

Two copies of the knitted hat pattern have sold. I got to use my business check book to write a check for the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library. I almost never use that checkbook, it still has the newly printed smell.

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