Co-op schedule bounces

We had our planning meeting last Thursday night. I typed the family info, class info, and who was teaching the classes into the co-op data base. I “scheduled” the children into the classes by squinting at their names, ages and guessing what classes they and their parents want them to take. Then I e-mailed their parents to tell me what changes to make.

Too many of the changes are spots I typed the wrong child’s age, name spellings, and in one case, gender! This may sound like a terrible ‘system’ and like the families need to get someone else to do it, but here is the funny part: when I used to wait for them to tell me where to schedule the children, I heard crickets. But now that I just guess and ask for edits, I get 9 e-mails of decisiveness in one day.

I like e-mails of decisiveness.

Next thing I need to remember, the board is having a board meeting at my house – we were supposed to look at our calenders and pick one of those days – now where is the piece of paper that tells me the days?

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