That’s My Girl

You know those extra books in the Homeschooling catalogues? The ones I buy so I have something for me in the big box of curriculum the UPS guy drops off? A few years ago it was a paper engineering book about how pop up books work.

K with my paper engineering book

I had to be honest with myself; I wasn’t buying it for the boys.

This morning, K gobbled her toast, and ran to the workshop to do busy K work, I barely noticed because the coffee hadn’t been made yet.

When I got out here to read my e-mail, she had Cousin Martha’s big pop up Christmas present books open on the floor, and she was categorizing the pages by mechanism.

K analysing the pop up books


2 thoughts on “That’s My Girl

  1. I don’t notice anything before coffee either. :-)
    That sounds like a neat book to have. You know, for the kids.

    Peace and Laughter!