Brain Overflow

I need to phone M’s friends for a play date – they just moved a mile away from upstairs.  The third floor is being re-painted and cleaned, anyone looking for a 4 bedroom in Attleboro?   I hope you have kids.

I need to phone the orthodontist, M’s retainer broke again.

I need to look up our friend’s address on google maps, I got lost-ish last lets play a huge strategy game visit, and we are going back this afternoon.

I need to stop fretting about not having made the template for Ben’s transcript and make the template for Ben’s transcript.  I still haven’t figured out what rubric I’ll be grading his literature/writing/civics/history work yet, but as Dan says, just READING Rousseau, Locke and the Federalist papers needs to count for something.

I should start writing M’s narrative report for the superintendent, she’s going to want it soon.

I need to plan the last 1/6 of the school year.

I need to plan next year’s school year.

I need to price next year’s text books.

I need to pick next year’s text books.

What should I have Ben do for Algebra II – I wonder if Jacobs has an online recommendation?  I’ll go look there.

I need to put the clean laundry away – we still haven’t had consistently warm weather enough to put the turtlenecks totally away; or the wool socks for that matter.

Ben needs running shoes.

M needs light weight summer shoes I don’t mind him puddle jumping in and he doesn’t mind wearing.

I need to swim earlier so I can start homeschool sooner in the morning – and not chat with every neighbor I pass while I do it.

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