How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

I got the Carnival up (that was actually fun, I need to hang out with old, pretty photos more often).

Today I dug through what the co-op adult’s preferences were for ‘chores,’ and made initial assignments.  Like choosing what classes to slot the kids in, I squint and pick.  But at least I have a little more data to squint at for adults; are they teaching one or more classes?  Go easy on chores.  Are they in nursery both hours?  Give them a break in the middle.  Did they set up, don’t put them on take down.  Are one or both of their parents in fragile medical condition?  Go easy on chores.

Then they get back to me about swapping spots, then the board looks it over to make sure it will all work.

Ben’s flute teacher has moved to an apartment, which means we can’t play on her yard during lessons any more.  We’ve been driving 3 minutes away to Karatunk Audubon Sanctuary, dropping some coins in the birdhouse donation box, then walking.  Today we did the yellow trail, which the Boy Scouts have recently renovated.  K was delighted to be our blaze finder. She had on her dress up tutu, it looked cute and incongruous in the woods, and muddy bits of swamp.

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