There’s a lot to be said for keeping your educational stuff handy and letting kids play with it.  The science experiment kits are on top of the fridge so the kids don’t get them out without me, but the art supplies and math manipulatives are on the lower Expidite cubbies in the kitchen.

K at the moment is playing with the plastic fraction circle pieces.  She’s mostly concerned with making pretty patterns, but can those angles get into her fingers? She’s putting alternate slices together to make scalloped worms, and as she runs out of pieces, her worms turn angles.  Will she wonder why?  Should I ask her – or will the spell break and I be unable to finish this blog post?

I will probably find these fraction pieces still on the floor after supper – we are waiting for the guys to come home, though first they have to figure out how to start the mower at our friend’s house, then they will probably mow her lawn, if they didn’t drive to the hardware store for parts first to fix it.  I have waffle batter rising on the kitchen table for when they do get here, Ben picked up some maple syrup at the farmer’s market this morning.

She’s walked off to watch her loose tooth wiggle in front of the mirror.

Yep, I’m going to be picking pieces up myself.  I could call her back, but I’d rather finish typing quietly first.

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