GF Hamburger buns that my kids wanted thirds of

Last week I was preparing groceries, when Ben asked, “Please, no curry this week, we eat it for 3 lunches before it’s gone!”

Actually, that’s one thing I like about curry – three lunches.  Because gf bread doesn’t keep very well, I’ve lost my pbj don’t need to plan lunch life.  Who knew I’d mourn easy pbjs?  I did explain that to Ben this week (It sounded a whole lot like, ‘How am I supposed to get M and K outside to play if I have to cook all this food for lunch!’  Ben forgave me.  He even agreed that 3 days of curry is a good idea now.)

gf hamburger buns

I gave Ben the cookbooks, and told him to list out some meals (that he wanted to eat of course)  One that he picked was pulled barbeque chicken from Cook’s Country Magazine.  Which needs sandwich buns.

gf hamburger buns

Google to the rescue.  Mother of a Hubbard’s  hamburger buns were a huge hit.  Though I used regular milk, and no cake enhancer.  I got distracted while I had the standing mixer mix the eggs, xanthan gum, and geletin.  When I got back, I could bounce a spoon off the fluffy mixture as if it were rubber.   Baking is now as weird as a chemistry experiment.  But boy did those buns taste yummy.

gf sugar cookie baked as pizza, topped half with formage blanque, strawberry jam, and half with nutella.

We had sugar cookie pizza (like they do at Pampered chef parties) for desert.  That fromage blanc Ben bought at the farmer’s market did do much better on a sugar cookie base than on puffs with no xanthan gum. 

I only had enough cheese and jam for half the cookie, so I put Nutella on the rest.  Both kinds lost slices before I could take a picture.


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