Am I forgetting something?

We  picked 14 lbs of blueberries with Dan’s folks this Saturday, put a third in Mom’s freezer, made 3 gf fresh berry pies (which were all eaten by Sunday afternoon) a buckle, and we ate a lot of berries on our cereal.  Recipes tomorrow.

Dan’s Dad got a photo of us for his stairwell with all of us in it, at Tranquil Lake Daylily farm where we ate our picnic.


I haven’t gotten confirmation from the district yet that they received my paperwork, but I often don’t hear from them until mid September anyhow.

I’ve written the books to buy on payday list, started to list out the table of contents for Ben’s books that I own, or the books that have a table of contents listed on Amazon or Rainbow Resource, so I can begin to write out the goals for each quarter – most of his books have 16 chapters, so I’m giving up on my sixths.  Sigh.  A quarter is so LONG, official sounding, and conventional.

Ben is longing for a break right now.  Between mowing jobs, visiting with available friends (who won’t be available in August) and the 3 mornings a week of summer band, he won’t be done with geometry and biology until late in August.  He should be done with history and literature this week.  From his musings aloud about the use of stock characters in the Last of the Mohicans, it should be an amusing essay.  His best quip so far is that Cora and Alice are like the flags in Capture the Flag, whoever has them is winning at the moment.

I’ve begun planning for the Family Fun Fair, and the class on Christian missions for Eagle’s Wings.


There are lists on my computer, lists on my fridge, and fragments of lists in my head.  I keep worrying that I’m forgetting something and if I could just think of it, I could do it, and then I could relax.  I know that this anxiety is normal – two years running I’ve stayed home from the Sunday School Picnic while Dan took the kids with him so I could write plans and lists for the school year.

This will be my first and last year reporting 3 children.  Ben turns 16 this fall, so unless Massachusetts does change the mandatory schooling law to 18, I won’t be reporting him to the district after this year, just keeping his records for college application.  Though the paperwork is reducing, I still need to imagine a provisional daily routine, realizing that it needs to flex and change as we work more tutoring time in with K, and try to nudge M into more independent work, while being available to discuss things with Ben.

Maybe I need to write relax on a list. Maybe next year I do need to see if we can fit it all in to be done by June.  At least Ben’s work? I promised him the next bit of paper work I do after planning next year is to file his working papers so he can look for a part time job.


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