Trustem Pond Walk on Father’s Day (a bit late)

Looking for the huge snapping turtle

My Mom packed a lunch for us to eat at church, then we drove to Trustem Pond in RI.

enjoying the tadpoles

We did get slightly turned around.  The ranger was surprised we hadn’t visit Ninigret instead, maybe next year?

a waterlily

The snapping turtle was a huge favourite.  Whether he should or not, anther visitor was feeding him cracker jacks.  K so enjoyed watching the minnows eat, then flee the turtle who had poundage on them, that she pick pocketed the man for some popcorn of her own to throw.  After one of those weird moments when you have to chide a child in public when the public doesn’t mind their infraction, she and the other visitor shared the contraband popcorn.  I hope the turtle didn’t get a tummy ache.

M and K on their knees looking over the edges of a boardwalk in the swamp

M and K ran ahead on the trail, for the most part, we could hear them cautioning each other to be careful, so not seeing them was OK.  But then they were quiet and we did get nervous.  M ran back with his fingers on his lips, so we tip toed to catch up.  A chickedee was sitting on a branch at their eye level very close by, they were charmed at it’s nearness and boldness.

K climbing in a oak tree

Christine sitting on a bench

It’s wonderful that I can walk this far now that my foot has healed up so well.  But it’s still nice to sit and rest.

K dancing on the platform overlooking the salt pond while Grandma tries to watch birds through her binoculars

One thought on “Trustem Pond Walk on Father’s Day (a bit late)

  1. That’s why I love chickadees. They are smart little birds. We have several that will sit on a branch right near me as I fill the feeders. They are very trainable!

    Peace and Laughter!