A little Foggy

We have many, many smoke detectors in our house.  On our floor, they are all chemical, but up in the stairwell they are still optical.  It was foggy last night, I know because they all went off at 2:36AM.

Dan chased around in the horrible loud area looking for the one with a blinking red light so he could wave the pizza peal under it and quite it down.  But it seems to have been the active one in the basement behind the locked door, so we had to phone the landlord.  They finally did quiet down so he didn’t have to drive over from the next town, but my brain is now as foggy as the evening was.

Foggy or no,  there are cheering signs all over the house today; as I paid the bills, I noticed that Dan bought self adhesive envelopes on the last Staples run, so I would remember not to lick them and gluten myself.  M was buttoning K into her new dress when I got out of the bath before we ran out the door to Ben’s concert this morning, and after all Ben’s nerves of playing a solo, he’s cheerfully looking up trivia on his computer about international special forces.

Nap time looks wonderful, but I have a dentist appointment at 2:20, so it will be a short wonderful.

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