A Kiss, a cuddle, and some coffee

I gave my Noah speech to M last night – he said it introduced God too abruptly. So this morning when I dropped K off at her friend’s house, I asked Jen (Who owns a Work In Progress drama and more school) what it needed. She suggested I include the creation story, and more about God.  That makes a lot of sense, The Promise Plan of God links the creation, flood and tower of Babel as one narrative, the fall, the flood and the flop.  They show respectively how sin messed up individuals/families/how the sexes get along, then sin mess up governments, and  finally groups of ambitious, unified, creative people with no  language barriers to stop them sought only…proud sin.

It’s like spam, only its sin, sin, sin, sinity sin.

Oh Mom, why can't I give my Christmas figurine to the visiting preacher who's traveling lightly?

I did thank M for his constructive criticism.
“Is that what I did?” I guess he’d never heard of that before.

“Yes, it’s what I pay tech editors $40 an hour for, it’s really important.”

“Then why do you look so sad?”
Well, important and fun aren’t always the same thing…

This is my 11th August gearing up for homeschool.  You’d think I’d be calm as a cucumber about all this prep, I’ve done it before.  I have lists of chores to do it again. I have blog posts about doing it other years.


I can’t wait until we’ve worked into a pattern so that it’s just ‘do what comes next.’  Not, ‘evaluate how effective this new writing program is’  or ‘remember to nudge M into more independent work now that he can read even though he forgets that he can, and where his glasses are.”

I’ve listed out the table of contents for all of Ben and M’s text books, divided them into quarters (I thought it would fit easier than sixths into a transcripts, only this year the text books don’t all have 16 chapters, and some of them have  a prime number of chapters, so I’m going with page numbers for dividing up the work.)

Every evening I go to bed thinking I’ve done a lot of work. Then I wake to strange dreams and little kids telling me how stuffy their heads are with hay fever.

Dan has been taking M and K to the park every night after supper so I can cram study. He brings me a kiss, a cuddle and a cup of coffee each morning too.

What a re-set.

gf Boston Creme Pie

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