2/3 Started

B is now done with 9th grade.  He’s taking a two week break before beginning 10th, though band is starting up at the High School.  Spanish may start up in a month,if our tutor continues, and I’m not sure what our other options are, but stressing out our tutor is not one of them!

I’ve been including K in the lesson for the last 2 years, so in a way her “first” day of school yesterday was old hat.  But she had a hard time with waiting for me to be done with M’s lessons, not going to a fancy park in the morning like we did in summer.  So did I.

M, on the other hand, looked up from his new notebook, smiled and said, “I like seeing progress.”  There were two math sheets and a grammar exercise filed in the notebook by the vintage scrapbooking pages I’d gotten at a sale at the scrapbooking store.  The vintage pages were printed in dark reds, black, and greens.  Too dark to fit with modern color photos. But perfect for men’s cards, and decorating my boy’s school stuff.

School must seem more epic with the Spirit of St Louis on the notebook cover flying to France.


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