Ben’s first day this year

Ben’s two weeks of summer vacation are over.  I’m out of printer toner, so I had to just e-mail him his check off lists, he was hoping to put his lab top away since it can be a distraction as well as a resource.

I never did get him to the beach this summer.  I’ve found a few sites that don’t close down in mid September, but with his high school band schedule, it’s hard to find a day I could take him.  That would definitely be a crock pot day too – the kids always fall asleep in the car on the way home, then I have to make dinner.   I can’t stop at a restaurant either, unless anyone knows of a gluten free clam shack with aford-able prices still open in September!

But, even as I’m not really ready for fall, and Ben’s not thrilled about fall, it’s a bit exciting.

Despite the virus, we did spend some time with Aunt Susan and Uncle Edgar this weekend.  Three little girls from the Family Fun Fair came to Sunday School yesterday morning – they were appalled at Prince Hamman, entranced by Queen Esther, and wanted me to tell them how the story ended – would Mordecai survive?  What about the rest of the Jews? How could I leave them at a cliff hanger?

I’d better go swim if I’m going to go swim.

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