Pleasant October

M and K are seeing their friends enough to be excited most mornings; between drama class at at Work in Progress, Co-op, and chess club at the library.

Our friend J slept over last week.  We were honored that her family trusted us to house her during funeral logistics.  I declared a lesson holiday – they watched movies and meant to play games, but wound up chatting.  J’s Mom gave us a huge box of cortland apples as a thank you.  I put it in the unheated foyer by the mailbox.  Whenever we walk upstairs to do laundry it smells of apples, we’ve eaten half the box, and I only made one pie and batch of crisp.

I’ve been putting together a website for the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library.  Whenever they had to cut back on hours, I used to wish I could donate enough cash to avoid it.  It’s a fun irony that my hobby might have taught me the skills I needed to help out in fund raising after all.  That site will be up in the next month or so, it takes a little longer to get things sorted when you have to contact other people, not just type it all yourself.

I’ve also just gotten the Christine Guest Designs site responsive.  All I had to to was make my measurements in pixels switch out for %, the css was already a “jello” layout.  I set the maximum width for the site so that it displays at 1050 pixels if it can, at 90% of the screen if it can’t get that large.  Everything else floats.  Since the blog part had the Catch Box theme, like this one (and the Friends site too) learning how to adapt one tells me how to adapt the other.

Part of me is looking forward to Thanksgiving when the co-op/marching band/drama class season ends and we sort of have time for regular work.  But then of course it will be Advent.

So I either need to really rest on Sundays, make sure we get out hiking on Saturdays in this glorious weather, and quit wishing it weren’t so busy… or I need to look forward to January.

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