2013 Retrospective

Last winter we had such a big snow storm that it was named Nemo, and we lost power.  But Ben walked across town and brought the neighborhood a box of Joe. I’m still grateful for that warm coffee – thanks Ben!  The other fun thing was the children begging for sips (because they were cold) then immediately declaring “Why do grown-ups drink this stuff?”

Ben in swim goggles against the snow in the wind

I started zen-tangling ™ to practice my drawing skills, and we visited a studio where large sculptures are fabricated for the artists. And we got to organize and attend a Barry Stebbings seminar.

M is reading! fluently!Though large print is still appreciated.  He was baptised this spring.


Ben looked dashing in his marching band uniform.

K grew up a lot.  She got taller, but she also behaved well in a fancy store full of breakables, learned to calm down when she was disappointed, and hosted a tea party.

I’m growing up too!  I documented one day in which I did not lose my temper when the plans radically changed.  (So glad I wrote that down – it’s not typical of me.)

We took a lovely walk at Trustem Pond in RI.

Food was a big deal this year – my celiac diagnosis was confirmed, and we entered the weird world of gluten free everything, after trying to have mixed kitchen for a while.  I think mixed kitchens are for organized, detail oriented folks without five year olds.  I don’t qualify.  But I did find a hamburger bun recipe that the kids loved, and my in-laws adored the blueberry pie.

gf hamburger buns

I got to act on years of desire too.  I published 5 patterns, including the Ivy Vine Mittens, and two hats, knit and crochet,  to support the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library.  I also set up their website and tweaked it’s CSS.


reading in front of the APL

We got to see some of Uncle Paul as he stayed with my Mom, (his sister) after his wife’s death. He’s in an interesting transition year, I’m glad we were part of it.  We unexpectedly buried my Aunt Beth, who was only 7 years older than me.  The Lord was good to us through the tears, changes and growth.  He lets weird things happen, but he also shows up and comforts us when they do.







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