Finger Puppet Frenzy

It all started with the blood work. M was really brave when the phlebotomist missed his vein testing for peanut allergy. She felt so bad, she offered him a hand made finger puppet a volunteer had donated, even though I’m guessing he was at the taller end of children getting a prize. He loved it, who wouldn’t love a handmade felt dragon finger puppet with angry yellow eyes?

K got an elephant for being more or less patient.

I’ve been reading K the Mary Francis Sewing Book, and working through the stitch exercises, she does have a 15” doll, but we aren’t up to making her a nighty yet. At Thanksgiving, Mommom cut out quilt squares for K to make a lap quilt for herself and a matching one for a doll. She also gave her a sewing kit, and threaded 10 needles for her so she could be more independent of me. I made her a box to hold it all this weekend.

K and MomMom stencilling on fabric.

Meanwhile, it was bugging me that I’d never taught M how to sew on a button. Ben did take a machine sewing class once at co-op, he made a pillowcase and is leary of hot irons to this day. I know, I know, both boys AND girls need to know basic sewing, cooking, cleaning, car repair…

It’s just easier when the projects are cute and maternal to teach K.

K sewing by my messy desk.

I’m feel guilty no more. Inspired by the dragon, I downloaded some free animal felt finger puppet patterns. Bunnies from Purl Bee, and various animals from Bright Apple Blossom. K has made 10 lionesses as of last night. She’s ending the seam with her own knot, I’m still threading and knotting her needles though she tells me how to do it. but what does this have to do with M?

A few of the lionesses

M felt that his lone dragon was no match for the lion pride, and asked me this morning if he could have a lesson. That boy got his own needle threaded by himself! We are working on the beginning knot though. His running stitch is really wide, but not wobbly. His whip stitch is more even.

The new sewing box, full of stuff.

Watch out lionesses, the dragon is recruiting allies, so far a red wyrm of M’s design, and a lion from the pattern.

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