Where did Feb go?

You know those late winter weeks when you soul itches, the kids keep getting stomach flus, but they beg to go to any chance to see their friends and catch more? When you stock up on clementines and make the kids play outside hoping their weird pallor will just go away, or at least get disguised by windburn?

Well it’s March now. We are in the really cold part of the cold air/ storm front right now in New England. I’d like mud and crocus, but I do have bird song. In a few weeks the extra light and birdsong will wake me up early, I’ll get up to fiddle with my websites so as not to bother Dan and the light from my computer screen will wake him up. But right now, I think I want Spring.

I took an online class on Pinterest marketing last month, I’m moving my business website to another server so it can work with WordPress’s pluggins better (WP and Microsoft servers don’t seem to play nicely.) I get so excited/nervous on website stuff. I didn’t swim this morning because I got sucked into the computer when I was supposed to be getting my stuff together to go to the Y. Then I discovered I really was out of clothes, and did some laundry.

Laundry has an effect on my exercise regularity? Yeah, I guess so.

Meanwhile, I tried changing the order of M and K’s homeschool; I did K’s tutorial, then put them together for devotions and shared read a louds, then did M’s tutorial while K made a mess explored geometry through pattern blocks.

I’m not sure if the order helped, or the fact that I started on time because I didn’t swim, but I got everything in, and M seemed to grasp what prepositions are while K remembered that if she learns which sounds the letters represent, reading will happen. (Thus, letter drill is not some form of torture that leads to nothing.)

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