{pretty, funny, happy, real} Sniffly late winter to the busy Spring

round button chicken
K has gotten to where she can do some addition and kinda gets subtraction, but I’ve used up all the Miquon pages that are large enough fonts to be comfortable. I need to make her some more, or look up some games to make it more concrete. Meanwhile, there are pattern blocks. I kept a game set from Ben’s kindergarten where we play with angles, and roll dice to make mandelas, talking about shapes as we go. I’m being a really lazy here.   But the geometry is pretty.

Her hands are getting long.

And we’ve reached that Kindergarten milestone of sparkly eyes, snaggly teeth.

This afternoon I had a lot of co-op class things to prep (I wanted to teach two different classes why?  I thought that having taught them before in the last 8 years it would be easy why?  Oh yeah, I want my kids to have a lovely co-op and I love teaching.  Of course.)

I bribed M to play with K – no screens allowed.

I promised that if he brought out the building toys he likes but hates to clean up, and lets K make creatures with them – I would pick up the entire play space myself.

Does that count as real, funny or slightly pathetic?  So far the co-operative/creative play streak has held for 3 hours.  I haven’t looked at the living room floor, though they did put the pieces on a blanket, so I should be able to pick up the four corners and dump the pieces into a Trofast bin fairly quickly.

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