So that’s how to get M and K outside

So that’s how to get M and K outside.

Ben announced that all the strawberries from his garden were M and K’s to snack on today.  K earnestly sought her shoes and did not tell me how much more interesting Minecraft was than the yard.

Testing went well though I got hit with a stomach bug the last day and Dan had to take off from work to pick up the slack and the testing co-op needed to call in another proctor.  It was truly heartwarming to see my family united in looking after me and each other.  K even made sure lights were turned off and doors shut quietly when Dan told her that Mommy felt better if it was dark and quiet.  We thought it was gluten, but then my Mom got sick too and I spiked a fever.  Phew, not a gluten-ing.

Last weekend K got to host Dan’s adorable niece for her first ever sleepover.

This weekend we got a fb notice from our friend that our e-mail invitation to her annual cookout of amazing-ness had gone astray and were we coming anyhow?  So we cleaned house on Friday, cooked a lot of gf food to share (so I could eat something while we were there) and stayed up way to late watching Foxboro’s Founder’s Day fireworks.  It’s only once a year that my kids fall asleep in Sunday School – and they laid their Sunday clothes out before the party.


Today I organize the next 1/4 of the school year with the kids goof off.  And I’d better stop goofing off myself and get things going.  I have arranged with a local private school for Ben to take the PSAT there in the fall, so that’s one productive thing.  We also listened to Beethoven’s Largo from the flute and piano sonata in b flat on u-tube, which is Ben’s new piece before the Fall audition piece arrives from in the mail, so that’s a second one.  I have a fridge full of leftovers, so I don’t need to worry about making lunch either, so that’s a 3rd thing.

Did anyone see the article about a classical approach to phonics in the Classical Teacher Summer 2014?  Nice comparison of Orton/Gillingham phonics, Spaulding phonics and Traditional Phonics.  Now that I’ve gotten over the activation energy with Spell to Write and Read (one of the Spaulding spin offs) I don’t want to change methods with K, even though it does mean she won’t be reading as quickly as her peers.  Neither M nor Ben regret being taught with it, and other methods annoy me.  I’m not sure how K feels about it, but I’m trying to keep it fun with her.

This week’s big question is: will the new How to Train your Dragon movie be appropriate for K, and should we all pool our allowance to go see it on the big screen?  (now that we have a budget, Dan and I get allowance too – only fair, he earns it and I fill out it’s paperwork, we should have SOME fun with it too.)




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