Late June Status Update and how to store the gf flour

June is often a tricky month for me, Dad died in June, I get sad and confused. It’s also when the district would like all the end of the year paperwork assessing the kids’ homeschool experience, even though no particular time frame is laid out in the Massachusetts case law, and our family schools year round.

I’m scared of paperwork. What if I misspell something and the evaluator commits the part to whole fallacy and decides I’ve been dis-serving my children all year? Will I ever get this school year buttoned up? Will I ever get the gospel lesson from the book of Jonah finalized so the other workers in the church fair will know how to organize their projects?

Deep breath.

We all just want to close our files and tidy up our desks or something, even school administrators.

It’s nice to think about projects that got done. And stayed done.
It turns out that to make an inexpensive gf flour mix that has some nutrition in it, you need several flours (including some that really don’t taste too good in heavy concentration – at least I’m not fond of undilulted millet or amaranth, though teff is delightful.)  And several starches, because root based starches make for chewy baked goods, and grain based starches make for crunchy baked goods.

So I wind up with a lot of little bags of flour.  And they are all small, slippery and want to throw themselves off the top shelf and lose themselves with the cereal and potatoes.

I was wondering if I could mock up a cardboard shelf to show Dan what sort of wooden shelf divider would make my life easier, when I realized that the cardboard boxes the flour comes in when you buy it in bulk are already the right shape and size.

So I stacked them up and decided that this was my mini shelf divider solution.


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