The read alouds this summer had lots of spunky princesses

We’ve had a summer of Spunky Princesses. When we finished reading the last of the James Herriot books out loud, I grabbed “A posse of Princesses” by Sherwood Smith off the shelf, and tried it out. To my surprise, the whole family wanted to hear it at bedtime, and I had to suppliment K’s solo bedtime because there were protests if the bookmark moved without the rest of them. It has marvelously funny bits. Now we are in the 3rd Enchanted Forest book, remember to pack your soapy water with lemon juice in case you need to melt a pesky wizard. We also read Tuesdays in the Castle, Wednesdays in the Tower, and we are halfway through Beauty, who is definitely spunky, and sort of counts as a princess.

I was so excited to cross off a major item from my to do list, I’d worked through a lot of smaller items on its individual Tomboy post, but it felt like I’d never get the satisfaction of slashing the final line off. Even if I re-wrote it into smaller items begining with verbs.

Meanwhile, I was practicing telling Jonah as a story to M, in preparation for the Family Fun Fair, and asking him if I should put the gospel part in at Jonah’s arrival on the beach since Jesus aluded to Jonah’s 3 days in the great fish as the sign of Jonah when M interrupted me, “Mom, do you mean there is foreshadowing in the Bible?”

Oh good, I thought I’d been too lax in introducing literary techniques, some must have sneaked into our discussions after all.

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