This year, my friend celebrated my paperwork finish – even though I am a grownup.

You’ve all heard me grousing about homeschool summer paperwork/prep.  I get ridiculously stressed about it, then almost addicted to feeling important as I look at my  long lists that take July to finish.

It’s August now, the books are chosen, ordered, the chapters I haven’t seen yet are never-the-less counted and scheduled for their quarters (I’m so glad the table of contents are usually visible on Rainbow Resources and Amazon)  the letters have been sent to the district, HSLDA helped me out with the new, eager, administrators.  My presentation for the Family Fun Fair is prepped, I’m researching the classes I’m to teach in co-op this fall.  We are in the process of organizing the co-op volunteers.  The new hat pattern is in the process of being test knit.  M and K are done with school, Ben has the end of Algebra II, and his history tome to finish, he’s so eager to study, seeing freedom and a week with his grandparents are near.  I feel silly for having been so antsy over it all now.  Next summer I want to hit this season more gracefully.

I must have said at least 5 times in public this summer that, “No one sends you a reward for just finishing your paperwork when you are a grownup.”  But apparently that isn’t true if you have Emily as a friend.


Thank you Emily, you are a blessing.

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