Accidental Soft Start to Homeschool

Some years I’ve started the homeschool year gently by doing one class a day beginning in late August but this year I had no plans to do so.  I did put so many math picture books on reserve at the library for the upcoming co-op class for K-3rd grade, that I had to borrow M’s card for the Ancient history books to go along with the Story of the World.  As either Ben or Matt walked home with books, K started grabbing them and begging for stories (which at least was a little bit of time she wasn’t begging to play or sneaking onto Minecraft).  Then we finished our regular book on cd for car trips, so the myths of Ancient Egypt was handy – oh look, an accidental soft start to homeschool – at least as far as math and history go.

Last week I made my lists of what M has to do with me each day, by himself and what we can lump in with K – their listen to Mom read a poem, Proverb or Psalm, sing a hymn, pray, history chapter, living math book chapter and drawing exercise.  K’s list is a lot longer than last year’s – she’s a full time official student now.

K's back as she draws on the inside of the best toy in the world - a cardboard box

Meanwhile, Ben is taking 3 courses at Good Company Tutorials, M has three small (but named!) parts in the upcoming Work In Progress production of Annie, and K’s ballet lessons start on Tuesday.  This year I had two parent orientation meetings (on the same day) not to mention the meeting about how to sign up for dual enrollment at Bristol Community College.  We still have Eagle’s Wings Co-op, but this year much more of our time (and money) is going to paid co-ops and tutoring services than other years. It has a very different feel, with outsourced responsibility some outsourced schedules, I’ve penciled in all the classes, rehearsals, marching band parades and at-home football games.  I want to get everyone where they need to go on time, with dinner and water bottle packed, September’s family calender page if full of penciled notes.

Ben and M on the way back from the raspberry fields in a hay wagon

Go team!


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