Tip toeing from fractions to division

Miquon introduces division with fractions, since most children who have to share cookies or who bake get the idea of half, quarters and thirds linguistically.

K had been drawing a bit of a blank on the early fraction lessons, but we hit on something today: I pulled out the scissors.  Ah, K and crafts.

We’d been working down a row of 1/2 of largish number is fill in the blank, with somewhat glazed eyes.  Today we switched to 1/2 X largish number = fill in the blank.  K lit up.

“Mom, we used X but the answer is smaller, why is that?”

For some reason instead of Cuisenare rods, I’d grabbed a box of foam squares I’d cut years ago for a co-op math class.  As I tried to explain why 1/2 of 8 was 4, I cut 4 foam squares in half, then counted 8 of them. K got excited, counted halves of other numbers, then cut a half in half and wanted to know what to call that.

We will need to review this, but once a light bulb goes off, it’s easier to re-light it.  And I know where the scissors are.

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