Co-op projects

So we are over the time of year when the kitchen table school cried out to be seen and was not heard.  When I was more focused on getting everyone to the classes I had paid for, and helping them get over the colds they caught there, so they can enjoy their friend’s company and learn something I’m not good at teaching.  Like writing.  Actually, editing. You have to notice details, remember why they are wrong, and explain it tactfully while not extinguishing the kid’s joy of creation. Ugh.

K with her waffle face: bacon for mouth, two pieces of sausage for the eyes
Photo of K with her funny waffle from Ben’s birthday – just because she’s cute

Co-op is over (K was explaining tesselations to me as we came home from Thanksgiving at my cousin’s new house in Boston.  So I know that one of my co-op math kids was listening.  And that there are a lot of patterns in Boston.)


M brought home this fun sail car from his challenge class.

M's car made from straws, lifesaver candies and index cards

K’s ballet class is over, but she still got to see her friend during M’s Annie rehearsal – though Annie is over now and we need to work out formal playdates.

video review of Matt’s play

So we were back to regular work at the kitchen table today, and both M and K seemed cleverer than I remembered them being last time we sat down formally, the break did them good!

(Phew)Ben wearing two backpacks and riding his unicycle

My friend Elisabeth is posting her Advent devotions she wrote for her children over at Practice Makes Beautiful.  Thoughtful but not over whealming.

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  1. Christine, I’ve been reading through my phone so it’s hard to leave comments, but I wanted to let you know how I appreciate your examples of how to keep on schooling as they get older. It’s much harder to show a cute craft for a high schooler, but I find I need the encouragement just as much. And I think editing is hard, too. =)