A week of Charles Dickens (sort of)

Last Sunday our church went Christmas Caroling after a soup and sandwich luncheon (I brought gf soup and brownies, desert is important.)  Since we live a good 20 minuets from church, we stayed put when others went home in between, and took naps or played tag as it suited us.


Mom’s new Sunday school class has brought in about 8 new students, many of whom stayed for lunch/tag/caroling.  It felt like a family reunion the kids were full of sugar, needing naps, but behaving miraculously well, while connecting with lots of unusual adults; said adults looking slightly harried, but charmed.  I wound up holding hands with one of the new kids as we walked to the houses, K was strolling with the pastor.  M knows how to cross streets, most of the time I didn’t know where he was.  It was sunny and warm-ish, the kids ran ahead, working out whose turn it would be to ring the doorbell once Pastor gave the go-ahead. We didn’t stay for evening church afterwards, just ate more soup and cookies, and took the kids home for a movie and bed. (How to Train your Dragon 2)


This week the drama department of Good Company Tutorials hosted Fezziwig’s Ball at the Towers.  Ben had a dance lesson Tuesday night, and boned up on dance card etiquette.  I took in the pants on a hand me down suit from Uncle James’s days in Korea, which had a vest, so Ben would look sort of 1840’s-ish, and made him a cravat from some teal rayon I had in the fabric stash.   He looked dashing.


The logistics of getting Ben to the ball while also visiting a doctor during the last 2 weeks on the medical plan under Romney-care before we switch to the one under Obama-care were hairy, but we did meet up with Aunt Connie in Rehoboth in time to car pool, and we listened to Patrick Stewart’s recording of A Christmas Carol in the car.  K asked me to stop and explain the plot first, I started blubbering when I got to Tiny Tim, which could have been dangerous, because I was driving!  We never got to kitchen table school that day.  On the way home both M and K ASKED if we could take a nap before getting groceries, and all 3 of us slept for 2 hours.

Christmas cookies, cleaning house, and moving a piano for a friend today.  I may finish my gift knitting while watching Howl’s Moving Castle again, it’s a strange, beautiful movie.

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