Not a typewriter

I enjoyed Christmas Day, and with Dan taking off from work and our friend Warren visiting, it feels more like the 12 days of Christmas than work hard, have one day of fun, then clean up and wish there were more sunshine in the days already.

I think the most fun was watching my kids figure out presents for one another, Ben bought K this creeper stuffed animal – yes, they are all obsessed with Minecraft.


Mom found this loom in the basement, bought some loops for it for K, and showed her how to make potholders.  K decided that her stuffed animals needed blankets more than I needed potholders, so she is attempting variations.

Just wait until this one knits or crochets.


I got some very, very amazing knitting/crochet books, Mom Guest imported the Japanese ones for me – I’m trying not to remember how expensive that must have been.  Dan got me the new Viking Knits book, I like it even better than the first one, the technical illustrations are much, much clearer.


Our friend Warren had a tea party with K, she loved pretending to be a princess, she summoned her brother to take photos by calling down the hall, “Royal photographer, please attend!” I think she got her courtly vocabulary from Warren himself.


Since Warren is blind, he’s much more attuned to sounds than the rest of us.  I’d brushed off the typewriter sounds from upstairs-ish as the vintage affectation of one of my upstairs neighbors – but we discovered this morning that it is actually a woodpecker pecking on the baptesia stems and rattling the seed cases.  (Sorry neighbors!)

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