A Half a Week of Solitude

In between Christmas and New Year, I started being sick.  Was it a stomach bug?  Gluten cross contamination sneaking into the holiday foods from other people’s homes?  I still haven’t figured it out, and I haven’t gotten well.  I’m to call the doctor again on Tuesday or sooner if various things happen.  It’s a bit like picking up a whodunit only to discover that there is no judgement day reveal in the second to last chapter, it’s actually a relativistic post modern novel in the ironic form of a mystery.  I’m not even running a fever most of the time.

But I did not want to face a 3.5 hour drive to my in-laws house with sparsely spaced rest rooms.  So Dan and Uncle Warren took the kids to NY without me, and I slept, read books, knit, wrote, and watched movies.  I don’t think I’ve been alone that long since before Ben was born.  Mom checked in on me daily.

We officially eased into homeschool, but I’m letting M and K watch way to much StampyLongCat on u-tube.  The easy things like reading aloud and history are happening, M and Ben are doing their independent work (Ben only calls on me for frantic scheduling meetings and emergency tutorials anyway) but it’s not particularly satisfying.

What strategies do you use for homeschooling when the main teaching parent is under the weather?

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