Still snowy

M worked on his snowfort today, the landlord send a snowblower, so he has a higher side yard snowpile to hollow out, but his old excavations got filled in.  K is making Minecraft fireworks right now, the boys walked to the library for chess night, Dan is picking up our groceries instead of me, because I’m so tired.  (and he loves me.)

My first tutoring session this  afternoon went well, there was no difficulty in communicating with her teacher at all.  I still haven’t gotten to city hall to file the paperwork, hopefully that won’t be a problem.

As K moved from the Miquon pages about even and odd numbers, and we began addition again, I became nervous about place value.  So today we used pennies and dimes as counters.  I’d forgotten how counter intuitive dimes are – how can something smaller be more valuable, be 10x as valuable?

Yesterday, she seemed to read the words Odd and Even.  It would be my kid that started reading in the math book.

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