I forgot that Friends don’t give Friend’s Children toys that beep

Halfway through the “Spring” co-op, it’s still too snowy outside to send the children out for recess.  They are getting progressively louder and less demure during inside recess.  But so far Pastor Ron has been able to work with us downstairs.

practice oscillators with sonallert beepers and paperclips

So with all those worries about noise levels, what did I bring to my class?  5 code practice oscillators so the kids could practice Morse Code.

Mr Frye visited our Codes and Ciphers class to talk about Morse code and Ham Radio.  Dan stayed up late the night before to make sure we had extra code practice oscillators, using sonallerts (beepers) left over from when he used to make defibrillators.  Mr Frye had the kids eating out of the palm of his hand, he does have a voice like velvet and molasses, but the kids have been that attentive to me too, even though codes are really Dan’s thing and I’m mostly following his coaching and library books.

After class, one of the little boys asked if he could keep a battery powered code practice oscillator.  We had extra, so I gave him one.

When we got home, Dan asked, “You did tell his mother how you can mute the sound by covering the beeper with tape, right?”

I e-mailed her that this morning.

2 thoughts on “I forgot that Friends don’t give Friend’s Children toys that beep

    • That’s cool! M just had to dig through my co-op bag, one of the books had fallen on a beeper and it was beeping.