Mutual Aid Standardized Testing Coop

Sometimes you have to step up.  In movies it involves courage, risk and trumpets, occasionally a string section.  In my case, it involves details and learning google docs.

The long time coordinator of the local testing coop’s youngest child was done homeschooling a few years before she passed the job on.  The lady who took it over last year and introduced the extremely cool google docs form suddenly moved to Texas when her husband got a job offer too wonderful to refuse.

Sue that I worked with at Eagle’s Wings when she lived in the area last time suggested that we take it on together.  Colleen the Wonder Woman said she’d be our Gym Tzarina.  Now we just need someone to coordinate the meals that we traditionally give the testers to take home with them on days they proctor the kids.  And figure out which rooms to use.

And contingencies I haven’t thought of yet.

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