Fellow Homeschoolers I’ve never met – real, imaginary or dead.

Sometimes I get ‘company’ (and how to tips) from homeschoolers in books.  Like the plucky governess in the Incorrigible children of Ashton Place books; or Galen’s father in Galen and the Gateway to Medicine (not that I condone owning a pedagogue); and Philip’s older sister in The Magic City.  The Magic City is also on Project Gutenberg. And the book it inspired, Knight’s Castle, while not having any homeschooling in it, is a fun read.

A few years ago, while Ben was touring a historic house in Boston, we found out that Mrs Otis was a homeschooler, but we couldn’t see the schoolroom.

Lately homeschooling is popping up in cheerful ways all over my internet happy places.  (Yes, there are too many of them.)  There was a thoughtful article about choosing with an older student what path to take for Jr and Sr High from a knitting designer.  And a whole podcast about scrapbooking homeschool, even if you don’t have to make a portfolio for assessment in your area, which is actually why I started making scrapbooks.

I heard the beginning of Heidi’s Alp on the Forgotten Classics Podcast, then borrowed a copy from the library to hear how the family’s travels through Europe looking for the settings of stories in their yellow caravan.

What company have you found lately for your various works and interests?


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