Why yes, we do always get the urge to bake once it gets to be 80 degrees outside.

Stampy face grid and coco powder mask
Stampy face grid and coco powder mask

I wanted a sturdy base, so I downloaded a Cook’s Illustrated pineapple upsidedown recipe (I skipped the fruit though) which was supposed to be for a 9 inch round.

M and K behind their Stampy cake

Ah, a chance to show Matt the formula for the area of a circle – estimating if the 8×8 square pan will work with the recipe.  Then we gridded Stampy’s face (which is easy to do from square minecraft skins), M figured out the coco mask for me, K had never seen it used that way – I think glitter with stencils and glue will be next.

We finished the afternoon with ice water and old Nova episodes.  M and K said it was perfect.

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